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Carbon Accounting and Reduction Manager

Carbon Management Certification provides you with a comprehensive, market-oriented climate change and carbon management education. This course is ideal for business executives, corporate managers, government employees, entrepreneurs, and anyone else interested in carbon management.

Course Overview: 

The threat of global climate change is a paramount challenge. Whether or not you believe in global warming, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change legislation represent significant risks, challenges, and business opportunities for every corporation. Are you prepared for climate legislation? Is your company or federal agency ready for the new reporting requirements? Do you know your carbon footprint? Let us help you gain knowledge and confidence!


Be pro-active and entrepreneurial in adopting carbon management, instead of passive waiting for political, regulatory and commercial pressures. Everblue will teach you how to master the tools necessary to understand how global climate change will impact your business. Learn how to inventory your organization's current emissions and how to create a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across your organization.

Who Should Attend: 

Sustainability managers, energy managers, government managers, government vendors, utility executives, sustainability consultants, entrepreneurs, policymakers, analysts, accountants, business owners, students, and anyone else interested in learning about carbon management.

Course Outline: 
  • Introduction to climate change & the Kyoto Protocol gases.
  • Understand the basic regulatory principles put in place for different industries and in different regions of the world.
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards.
  • Carbon reduction planning & carbon management case studies of successful Fortune 500 companies.

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