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Solar PV Installer

This course is designed for those individuals wanting to get into the fastest growing form of power generation in the world - solar power.

Course Overview: 

Our 40-hour Solar PV Installer course includes hands-on solar PV installation as well as system maintenance and troubleshooting techniques. This course will provide individuals with the knowledge to assemble solar panels, a key concept to enter the solar industry. Solar PV Installer covers advanced electrical and mechanical integration of solar PV modules, racks and components. We want to help you build upon your renewable energy credentials and help meet the growing demand for solar installation experts!

Who Should Attend: 

This course is ideal for builders, roofers, electricians, construction workers, landscapers, plumbers, contractors, foremen, site managers, project managers, system engineers, and anyone interested in accruing training hours for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certificate. As a natural progression to follow the Solar PV Associate course, this Solar Installer course is designed for those individuals wanting to know how to physically install solar panels, modules and components. Students will be constructing an actual array on a roof deck rack and installing the balance of components including inverters, charge controllers and battery banks for grid-tied and off-grid systems.

Acquired Skills: 

This course will provide you with the skills required to work for an installer, or to work toward becoming a Solar Contractor yourself. In addition, you will be on your way toward qualifying to take the NABCEP Certified PV Installer Exam.

Please note that requirements to install solar devices vary from state to state. In the State of New Jersey,  the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs Board of Electrical Examiners has determined that installation of solar panels emitting voltage greater than 10 volts must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor who holds a NJ business permit for electrical contracting.  This requirement does not apply to the mechanical installation of solar systems such as racks, roofing supports, etc.  New York State and Pennsylvania do not issue Contractor Licenses at the state level.  Please check with you local municipality.


To register for Solar PV Installer, you must have previously attended our Solar PV Associate class (either online or in class), or have previously obtained your NABCEP PVEL certification. 

Course Outline: 
History of Renewable Energy Types of Solar Energy Systems
Solar Photovoltaic Systems System Maintenance & Safety
System Components PV System Sizing Principles
Solar PV System Electrical Design Solar PV System Mechanical Design
OSHA Safety Site/Load Analysis Design
PV Install Technique Grid-Tied Component Lab
Off-Grid Component Lab Grid-Tied Array Assembly
Grid-Tied System Commissioning Off-Grid Array Assembly

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