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Brett Fielo

Brett Fielo is Director of Interactive Business Development at JK Design.  Brett has over 15 years experience as a technology professional. As the Director of Interactive Business Development at JK Design, Brett is responsible for strategizing, analyzing and designing interactive solutions for clients. Prior to joining JK Design, Brett acted as Technology Consultant to Fortune 500 companies in the legal, accounting, and pharmaceutical fields. Additionally, Brett has had extensive experience in the Internet space, developing internal technology content and solutions at, a large Internet media organization. While at CNET, Brett applied for and received a patent with two co-workers for integrating support documentation inline with web-based applications. Following CNET, Brett managed the professional services department of a software services start-up where he provided technology solutions to such companies as NBCi and Vignette. Before beginning his career in technology, Brett obtained his law degree at Seton Hall University.