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Ronnie Battista

Ronnie Battista is a senior executive with over 17 years experience visioning and delivering creative and profitable cross-channel interactive experiences with bottom line impact. Early in his career as a Business Analyst, his project experiences highlighted a gap between what Business and IT groups were asking for and what customers and employees actually needed or wanted. It was at this critical junction of Business, IT and real human beings that Ronnie found his calling in User Experience Design.


Ronnie is the UX Practice Lead at Slalom Consulting's NYC office. Prior to Slalom, Ronnie was the Executive Director of Experience Design at MISI Company, where he led account management, growth and go-to-market strategy. He was also Managing Director of the US office of Gextech, a Spanish gaming company,where he led global user experience research efforts for the organization. As Vice President of Online Customer Experience for D&B, he led the UI development of D&B's next-generation online product D&B interactive (DNBi) interface. Ronnie's career in UX started at Accenture, where he built and led the User Experience Labs practice at Accenture's Innovation Center.


Ronnie works directly with corporations to help train their personnel on UXD and Experience Design Strategy. He has provided UX leadership and management to over 100 global clients,working across all major industries, communication channels and development phases for such diverse clients as AT&T, Verizon, AOL, DTCC, Toyota, Astra Zeneca, BOC gases, Hoovers, AIG, British Airways, KPMG, Best Buy, Merck, Allstate, DuPont, Comcast,, TimeWarner and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ronnie is a frequent international speaker on the topic of User Experience, with 2010-2011 presentations in various US locations as well as Germany, India, Russia and Mexico.


He received an MA with Distinction in Public Administration and Public Policy from University of York (UK) and a BA with Honors in Political Science and Philosophy from Rutgers College. A former president of the Usability Professional Association¹s New Jersey chapter, Ronnie now serves on the Board of Directors for UPA International as Director of Certification.