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Stephen Carter

Director - Stephen "Skip" Carter helped establish many major initiatives at Rutgers, including two professional and continuing education units concentrating on IT, green technology, engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship.  More recently, Mr. Carter established Rutgers first "Makerspace", an open lab innovation center offering specialized resources such as 3d printers, laser cutters, and co working space.


Prior to continuing education, Mr. Carter served as Director of Technical Operations for the Center for Advanced Information Processing, a nationally renowned research center based at Rutgers. In the nearly 25 years in this position, he participated in many distinguished "firsts" for Rutgers technological advancements including installing the University’s first computer network, first internet connection and gateway (a homemade router utilizing directions from a small two person company now known as cisco). Later he led Rutgers into world class computing power in establishing one of the world’s largest multi-processing systems and a few years later, Rutgers first supercomputer.


Mr. Carter is also a successful entrepreneur, having owned several retail businesses, as well as a custom real estate development company building condominiums at the southern New Jersey shore.  He lives in Montgomery Township with his wife and two children.