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Tammy Sachs

Since her college days, Tammy has been fascinated by the theater of everyday life.  She founded Sachs Insights 20 years ago; analyzing focus groups, ethnography and user experience research and creating documentaries that illuminate the insights and reality of everyday people for the marketers who seek to connect with them.

Fast forward to present:  Sachs Insights has grown into a community of eclectic researchers, ethnographers and documentary makers who are passionate about uncovering the thoughts, feelings, aspirations and experiences of all kinds of people.  We view qualitative research as an art.  Each project provides an opportunity to reach into our toolkit and design innovative approaches to answer our clients’ marketing, design and development challenges.  

Prior to founding Sachs Insights, Tammy was a product developer at Citicorp, collaborating on the research and design of online banking.  Having worked with pioneers in interactive design, Tammy was inspired to build the first independent Customer Experience Lab at Sachs Insights – where participants assess the appeal and usability of websites, mobile applications, kiosks and games.  Tammy co-authored a book capturing her philosophy toward user experience (Back to the User, 2002, New Rider Press) with Gary McClain, Ph.D.  Prior to Citibank, Tammy worked at Ogilvy & Mather as a Planning and Research Supervisor.

Tammy graduated from Wesleyan University, magna cum laude, with a BA in Theater and Psychology and from NYU with an MBA in Marketing.