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XTOL Corporation

We develop career ready technology professionals.

Our proven approach provides you with critical technology and business skills. You’ll gain authentic experience at a realistic pace conducive to learning at an affordable price.

Rutgers Center for Innovation Education has partnered with Experiential Teaching Online (XTOL) — to offer two skills-based technology career programs. In response to the growing demand for highly skilled technical employees in New Jersey and beyond, these certificate programs offer a real-world, collaboration-driven, skills-based learning experience focused on software technology and data analytics.

The Certificates were developed using XTOL’s proven Story-Centered Curriculum (SCC) approach – an approach in which students are placed in authentic, professional roles, which challenges them to perform real-world work tasks requiring the use of targeted knowledge and skills to succeed.

In this realistic work context, faculty members mentor the students, rather than lecture, and evaluate them based on the work they produce. Students work primarily online, often in teams, using collaborative technology. The program will also include periodic on-campus “face-to-face” sessions to encourage interaction between faculty and students.

Students leave each certificate program with:
  • Mastery in a broad range of job-ready skills
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • A portfolio of professional quality work
  • End-to-end project experience working on real-world

The company’s theories and approaches are derived from one of its founders, Cognitive Science visionary Dr. Roger Schank, and his groundbreaking work at the Institute for the Learning Sciences, at Northwestern University. In the case method-based, story-centered curriculum approach, each program consists entirely of projects—students work in teams, one project at a time, mentored by experts. Each project leads naturally to the next, with skills and knowledge delivered at appropriate times to optimize comprehension and retention. Students graduate with not just knowledge, but also the ability to apply that knowledge to real world problems and circumstances.

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