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Jordan Zimmerman is Founder, Chairman and Architect of ZSchool and the Zimmerman Advertising empire, now the 14th largest advertising agency in the world with published billings in excess of $3 billion. Read more about Jordan Zimmerman.


Zschool focuses on business strategy and outcomes with a focus on how digital can be integrated into the overall marketing plan to increase ROI. Our programs combine the academic rigor of a university with the real world practicality of generating ROI. *While originally tested and optimized through partnerships between leading universities and global corporations, our curricula deliver the right combination of strategy and tactics that empowers both short-term quick wins as well as long term strategic planning for the digital revolution.


These programs have been delivered to thousands of marketers across the globe and contributed to increased revenues in the tens of millions.


Our programs are designed to cast participants into a real world scenario where they will need to make hard choices about where and how to shift a finite marketing budget between traditional, digital and social marketing. In addition to role playing and simulations, participants will also work on a project of their choosing to apply the learning throughout the experience. Our programs all culminate with a capstone project where enrollees begin to apply the learning toward a real world project that they can continue after the program ends. For this reason, the program is ideal for teams of 2-5 people.


zSchool's proven executive certificate programs can be customized for your university and help to quickly expand your offerings. These programs do not live in one school or department of an institution's system, but are interdisciplinary and require bringing together experts from many different disciplines. This is something that all schools are attempting to do but is nearly impossible at the university level.


zSchool's global network of executive education experts consult to many of the world's top universities to provide guidance and advice on how best to engage existing faculty and create programs unique to the university's strengths and market opportunities.


zSchool's technological expertise in executive education helps create unique, memorable, and impactful learning experiences that attract attention to your school and improve the overall brand.