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Green Technology

I took the BPI training online, how do I complete the field training and testing components of the course?

Students who choose to sit through a BPI training webinar must complete the field training and testing components of the course. We will ask you to join a regularly scheduled BPI training course, in which you would participate in Wednesday-Friday of the training. This would include live field training at a local residence, as well as written and field testing with an Everblue proctor.

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How can LEED Accreditation help increase market share for a "green" product?

Attaining LEED Accreditation will help you understand the certification process for a LEED project and help you communicate to your customers how your product can help a building earn credits toward certification. Points can be earned from products that contribute to energy efficiency, waste reduction, prevent pollution, etc. Knowing such LEED guidelines can give you greater access to the green building market.

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What is the best way to begin my LEED studies?

The LEED Green Associate exam prep course is the best place to start. There is no prerequisite, and everything you need is included. The LEED Green Associate training course prepares and qualifies you for the LEED Green Associate exam. We provide students with pre-course reading material to review online before the class. In the class, we provide a course book and study sheets. After the class, we give you access to practice exam questions and provide you with instructions for registering to take the exam.

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How does LEED Certification work?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The LEED rating system, created by the USGBC, provides third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at increasing performance, reducing waste, and improving quality of life.  Each strategy listed on the rating system checklist is catalogued as a credit.

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