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DIY Revolution

Courses for Making and Selling

If you’re looking for old fashioned technology and entrepreneurship courses, head back to Google, because these aren’t them.  A new era is dawning where inexpensive rapid prototyping equipment, design processes and readily available production services allow innovators and entrepreneurs to easily conceptualize, design, prototype, and even manufacture an innovative new product.


Join the DIY Revolution

In other words, a new way of making stuff is emerging: quite possibly the next big bubble in our economy.  This world-changing phenomenon reinvents everything from business models to invention itself. With it, come new models of manufacturing, startups and entrepreneurship.  We are entering a world where anyone can make almost anything.  Access to powerful tools and a near instant means of fabrication and global retail distribution is breaking down the traditional barriers of starting a business.  These advancements have democratized manufacturing and distribution, offering endless opportunities to the innovative and creative individual.  For the first time in modern history, we can easily create a one man corporation and factory with global retail distribution power.


Be part of of the DIY Revolution

Our DIY Revolution includes select courses from IT, UXD, Maker, and Entrepreneurship programs to give the student an in depth background to be among the new breed of manufacturer .  
the DIY Industrial Revolution.

For example, In Make Stuff, learn how to use 3D printers and laser cutters now in many libraries, and perhaps soon in your own home to make your dream a reality.  Learn to quickly fabricate a working widget and how to get into production using “small batch” service bureaus. Brush up on your electronic skills and learn how to interface sensors, buttons, switches and motors. 


In our DIY Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, learn the best business practices to successfully commercialize your innovation.  Learn new ways of funding, including low risk startups, crowd source funding and more.  Discover new ways to position your product for steady sales and strategies to keep up with all the demand. A new industrial revolution is dawning.  Join the DIY Revolution today.

Join the DIY Revolution with the right business tools Entrepreneurship...
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