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Can I get University credit for the class?

It is possible for future credit.  While we cannot guarantee credit will be accepted by other institutions, we have a pretty good success rate and upon request,  will provide you a letter acknowledging that you have taken the course and a transcript showing the letter grade you received. You must do all team assignments and other assessments with the class you enrolled in.

Also,  many of these courses are cross listed with the Rutgers Graduate School and routinely accepted for credit in the MBS program and many other degree programs.  For example, if you decide to pursue a Master of Business & Science in UXD at Rutgers, credits will liekly be accepted.  Check with your advisor.  NOTE: If you are already a Rutgers’ enrolled student, please register for this course through RU Webreg.  The UXD I course number is 16:137:531.