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Unemployed? Downsized? You may be eligible for grant funding!


This means that our programs may be available at no cost to you. We work with the New Jersey One-Stop Career Centers, and accept WDP, WIA, ARRA, TRA, and DVR training grants. 


L:ocated throughout New Jersey, One-Stop Career Centers offer services (free of charge) to help you develop the skills needed to succeed in a 21st century work environment. First, check with your NJ One-Stop Career Center to find out if you're eligible, then contact us to select the best program that will meet your new career needs.


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New Jersey Training Opportunities Approved Programs:

Sustainability Certificate in Green Technology

Earn a certidicate with our most popular Sustainability Classes.

Residential Certificate in Green Technology

Earn a certificate with our most popular residential energy audit classes.

Solar Certificate in Green Technology

Earn a certificate with our most popular Solar PV Classes.

Design Innovation

In true maker style, we took our most popular mini-makers, ripped out the unnecessary stuff, added a heap of detail, a killer application, and smorgasbord of experiments to create the Utopian Swiss army knife of innovation. The encouragement of a creative thinking process incorporated throughout the program is essential to prepare you to act as a leader and innovator in this rapidly changing, quick to market technology driven economy.

User Experience Design

User Experience isn’t just about making interfaces “easy and engaging to use” – it’s about business. As expectations for mobile, web and interactive experiences continue to rise, successful companies are no longer viewing UX as a nice-to-have, side-priority initiative. They have embraced UX as a fundamental strategy to achieve their business goals.

Mobile App Development: From Concept to Market

Mobile devices and their applications are seeing explosive growth. Apple Inc., albeit for a brief moment, was recently designated as the most valuable company in the world surpassing Exxon-Mobil. With the help of Google Android, other hardware manufacturers are scrambling to compete with iStuff, offering new capabilities and features. The bottom line is these new devices are quickly changing how people use web sites and the Internet for information.