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Advanced Product Management

This workshop will enable product management professionals to become successful in their roles and become strategic leaders in their companies

Course Overview: 

Product managers are responsible for the end to end success of their products. They lead a cross functional team and manage multiple products in a portfolio. It is a juggling act ­ understanding customer needs, working with engineers to prioritize features and define a roadmap, working with executives on product strategy, defining the value proposition and position to support go to market activities, and enabling sales and support teams. However most product managers struggle to find the right balance of how to spend their precious time across all these activities. What makes a product manager successful in his or her role? It starts with having a clear understanding of the Productizing Process, the ability to lead a cross functional team with influence, and create a strategy that drives business growth.


This interactive and hands-­on workshop is specifically designed to enable product management professionals to become successful in their roles and become strategic leaders in their companies. Participants will also learn how to understand the P&L and financial metrics of their products, improve interlock with key stakeholders and executives in the company, and build strong personal influence and product leadership skills needed to accelerate their career growth.


The workshop is designed for long term application, and participants have the ability to reach out and obtain specific guidance from instructors even after the workshop is over at no additional charge

Who Should Attend: 

Product managers, Senior Product managers, Product management leaders, Engineering
managers in startups and large companies.

Acquired Skills: 

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate successful leadership of cross functional teams
  • Understand what it means to succeed in a product management role
  • Drive actionable results through all phases of the product lifecycle
  • Become strategic product leaders in their companies driving business growth


Course Outline: 

Module 1: Productizing Process

  • What is the productizing process?
  • How do we productize innovation?
  • You are a product manager. But are you a product leader?

Module 2: Market and Business Analysis

  • How do we interact with customers?
  • How do we analyze competitors?
  • What can we learn from customer wins and losses?
  • How to analyze a P&L for driving decisions?

Module 3: Strategic Planning

  • What are the critical elements of product strategy?
  • What are the components of a business model?
  • How do we manage a portfolio of products?

Module 4: Product Planning

  • How do we develop and manage requirements?
  • How do we manage a transition to Agile?
  • What are the best practices for product roadmaps?

Module 5: Go to Market & Sales Enablement

  • What is positioning and how best to communicate the value proposition?
  • How does a company acquire customers?
  • How do we enable sales channels and teams?
  • What is the sales cycle for your product?

Module 6: Personal Leadership and Communication Style

  • What do executives and leaders in the company expect from you?
  • Does your product have a story and are you telling it?
  • How do you become more influential in your organization?

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