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Customer Experience Management

Learn the ways new technology has forced evolution of the customer experience.

Course Overview: 

Today’s customer experience is radically different from just a few years ago.  From multitasking on five devices daily to spending over 40% of their time online, customers no longer expect the same things from brands and their experiences.  Executives need to understand this new customer mindset and engage customers in new ways that inspire and delight.  Creating and managing this new customer experience requires a cross-functional, interdisciplinary approach that merges traditional fields of IT, marketing, finance, and even legal.  It also requires that firms and individuals employ technologies that resonate with customers and stand out from compeitors.  This program, taught by eight different leading practitioners and academics, provides executives with the skills and tools they need to succeed in the digital age.  Through hands-on experiences, and interactive sessions, participants will be well prepared to lead new initiatives at their firm and stand out from others.  For additional information, see our detailed program site at


Course Offerings:


The next Rutgers Customer Experience program will be held from April 15th-18th 2019.

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Who Should Attend: 

The program is designed for individuals and/or teams who touch the customer experience at their firm, and who are empowered to drive new initiatives within their organization. Because it is interdisciplinary, it is appropriate for a diverse background of individuals, including but not limited to the following functional roles: sales executives, marketing or brand managers, product management, IT, finance, operations, and legal.

Acquired Skills: 

Participants will leave the program with practical skills and tools to apply immediately in the workplace.

Course Outline: 


Customer Experience Management Strategy

  • CEM Strategic Framework
  • Using Technology to drive CEM
  • Best Practices
  • Course Toolset


The New Customer Journey

  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Digital Touchpoints
  • Customer Experience Lifecycle


Connecting with Customers

  • Engaging & Delighting Customers
  • Custom Listening & Sensing
  • Mobile & Social Strategies


Designing Experiences

  • Design Thinking
  • Experimentation & Testing
  • Importance of Play


Innovation & CEM

  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Wearables
  • Internet of Things


Product Management & CEM

  • Product Management Framework for CEM
  • Product Managers as CEM Leaders
  • Communicating to  C-Suite and VC Community


Measuring & Analytics for CEM

  • CEM Dashboards
  • Big Data & CEM
  • Proxies & Heuristics for CEM


Driving CEM Initiatives

  • Strategic HR for CEM
  • Change Management Issues for CEM
  • Implementation Issues

All offerings of this course: