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User Experience Design

We know UXD!

Learn UXDThe objective of the Rutgers User Experience Design (UXD) program is to train students in the essential skills in the design of engaging, easily-learned user interfaces whether they be web pages, mobile phones, or microwave ovens. You will learn from industry professionals about current methods and practices involved in gathering user information, creative design, prototyping, and evaluating a wide range of interactive media.  Our program will also give you a basic understanding of human computer interaction (HCI) and the underlying psychology, communication, and social theory that guides design, plus training in visual design principles.  Some key elements of the program are current interface design techniques such as building personas, implementing design patterns, content management, information architecture, online usability testing, eyetracking, and workflow analysis.  Most other design courses only include UXD as a second focus to the business side of design.  At Rutgers, we prepare you to move into roles managing the company’s user experience design process, establishing a consultancy that provides UXD support or launching a new enterprise in which the product is based on sound design principals and user focus.



Employment Opportunities:


There are many employment opportunities with the skill sets obtained with from the UCD program that range from information technology, medical products, web authoring and web design services, communication products, media, financial services, and beyond


Class Offerings:


The next Rutgers UXD session will be held from June 24th-28th 2019. 

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Start with this course to learn the underlying...User Experience Design
Overview of basic qualitative data gathering...Contextual Inquiry
Visual Design for User Experience provides an...Visual Design for User...
Learn how to efficiently evaluate prototypes of user...User Evaluation

I'd recommend this course to ANYONE - I said midweek I'd recommend this course to anyone, from IT to my VP of Marketing.

If you are OK with a team structure and working onsite on single project over 5 days, check out Rutgers' Intro to User Experience Design course. This intense, comprehensive course is led by experienced, knowledgeable, and personable instructors and guest lecturers, and covers topics crucial to those in, or considering working in, the UX design field.

If you want to have an edge over your competitors, go attend this course. It will help you think differently. Just out of context- Best course I attended at Rutgers so far. This is not just my feedback. This is what everyone had to say when I asked people who attended this last year.

What I liked most was meeting and being in a environment with people from various background, hearing their views and ideas. I take in quite a lot of learning from the course - not just the content but from the personalities of each of the great instructors and the peers that I interacted with.

The lectures from people currently in the industry who were able to give real-world examples of their experiences applying theory and practice - and could answer questions about how to handle different challenges in the workplace.

The comprehensive coverage of the various topics of user design was excellent. The knowledge gained here could also be applied to many places

Great for anyone who wants to understand the role of the end user in their business. It is not just for IT professionals.

End-to-end really gives you a sense of ownership over the UX practice. Great people running the course with diverse backgrounds. Many good guest lecturers. Focuses on practical application vs. overly academic. Good size & may depend on the mix of people but can also be a great place to meet people/network.

Unless you are a true UX practitioner you probably won't know the entire process. This course gives you the entire process and way of thinking that brings it together. Without this, you don't always know where each piece fits.

Students Like Best: "The project and team aspect was key. Actually doing work rather than just listening to lectures."

By the Numbers: The course content met my expectations of what I though it would be when I registered: 78% Strongly Agree, 22% Agree.

By the numbers: “General Course Feedback Overall, please tell us how valuable you found this course“ Results: Very Valuable: 23.1% Extremely Valuable: 76.9%

Awesome team. Kept the class lively and interactive!

I feel very fortunate to have taken this class. The passion and inspiration demonstrated by the instructors is authentic and translates fluidly throughout the class.

It was great to know Marilyn and the amount of experience and information she brought to the course was tremendous Ronnie and Lisa were very professional and brought a lot of real world experiences that helped the class a lot.

“Thought you might appreciate knowing that I'm already making converts. In a meeting today, someone asked me for a 'redesign' for a small section of their site. Instead of just slapping code out there, we're going to meet for a half hour of paper prototyping with a real user. My manager was very impressed with the approach, and I've already convinced him of a) the value of rapid prototyping, and b) the speed with which we can get it done.
I've also asked our web marketing lead to get me involved in our meetings with our outside design firm. I'm on fire!
Thanks so much for the course. It's only Monday, and it's already given me an entirely different way of doing my job.”

  • Tammy Sachs
  • Kel Smith
  • Jeff Gothelf
Tammy Sachs
Kel Smith
Jeff Gothelf