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Pathway to Degree

From a Credit Card to a Degree - Earn credit now!

Start with a credit card, finish with a Masters!


Earn graduate credits now in Information Technology, Sustainability, or User Experience Design.

Through our close relationship with the Rutgers Professional Science Masters Program, home of the Master of Business and Science Degree, selected courses allow individuals to earn academic credit while pursuing their certificate program. Individuals do not need to be matriculated students to participate in these programs. (Some programs may additionally be eligible for national certifications, PDH, or CEU credits.)


How does it work?

  1. Register for any of our approved courses through our instant registration portal.
  2. Take the course.
  3. Take the assessment given after the course to obtain an official grade.
  4. You may take up to three courses (nine credits) before you apply to the degree program.
  5. Apply to the Master's in Business and Science degree program
  6. The MBS program will accept your courses and apply them to the degree program.




Start Here:

End with a Master’s in:


Introduction to UXD

User Experience Design


<<Coming Soon!!>>


Information Technology

Mobile Application Development

Information Technology  



More about the Masters in Business and Science Degree:


The MBS degree is part of a national movement of Professional Science Masters programs that brings together master’s level study in science, engineering, and math with courses in business and policy.  Therefore, the degree given is a combination of an MS and MBA degree. Students choose a science concentration and that is paired with a business curriculum. The business curriculum consists of core courses in finance and accounting, marketing, communication and leadership, science and technology electives, ethics, and a capstone course covering entrepreneurship.